Kelli Provocateur
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Kelli Provocateur Kelli Provocateur Kelli Provocateur Kelli Provocateur Kelli Provocateur

Kelli Provocateur is a great name for this perfectly delicious ebony bite. She is a tough domme who doesn’t take anything from anyone. She is also a fearsome wrestler who knows how to pin someone down and frequently wins matches. Kelli is a smart slut who has a degree in computer science and one in aviation. However, she soon strayed from her path and decided to become a dominatrix because she loved her dominant side so much. It’s not that she can’t be submissive ever, but she needs to really know and trust someone before she will do that. Kelli has submitted to a few of our top doms here because she knows how trustworthy we are to work with as a company. Before porn she was mainly a fitness model, which is what led her to the adult industry. Besides fitness modeling, her pro domme work is what kept her afloat.

The thing Kelli loves about being a dominatrix is that she gets to control a man and drive him so wild with lust that he will do just about anything for her. She loves knowing that a guy could lose control and cum from the lightest touch after being teased for so long, or that he would do just about anything for even a glance from her. Right now Kelli works out two times a week to keep up her figure, and she does walking for cardio. Sometimes she works out four times a week if she can make it work with her busy pro-domme and shooting schedule. In the future she would like to keep shooting porn as a pro-wrestler and domme, but also grow her fitness consulting business. Maybe she could combine the two and become a fitness domme?! She’ll whip you into shape - literally. more

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